iKFRplayer - TABLEtop
Perfect for the museum, retail, hospitality, educational, tradeshow and healthcare industries.


The successful iKFRplayer is now available in a smaller more portable package. The iKFRplayer TABLEtop still retains all the features of it's full size lineage but with a much smaller form factor. The iKFRplayer line of digital signage/kiosk displays are the ultimate sales and informational tools, incorporating digital dynamic signage, touch-screen interactivity, and printed graphics. Designed from the ground up to provide portability and maximum visual appeal while maintaining reliability and easy to use electronics. Proven industry leading technologies are wrapped in an aluminum and composite housing that will provide long term durability. Your KFRplayer digital signage system is delivered to you as a full turn-key system. Simply plug it in and your preloaded custom designed content will play. †Updating the content on the player is also easy and requires no special software to run. The end user can even create amazing touch-screen content using common spread sheet software. Each KFRplayer digital signage system is custom built to your exact needs, please contact Keith-Fabry today to receive a custom quote.

Designed to sit on tables and counters
Ultra portable design
15"LCD touch-screens available
Easily programmed using common spreadsheet software
Full color quick-change graphics
High quality solid-state kiosk controller
No moving parts to break or wear-out
Easily customizable for your needs
Perfect for retail, hospitality, and tradeshows
Extremely durable aluminum construction
Custom sizes and configurations available
Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA

None (standard)
High-output Stereo (optional)
Speaker : Twin 4" two-way Coaxial
Frequency response: 100Hz - 20KHz
Amplification: 2 Channel Stereo Solid-state
Peak Power @ 4 ohm load: 15 watts x 2

Standard Sizes Available: 15" LCD touchscreen
Interactivity: Intellitouch Acoustic-wave touch detection
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours until half brightness
Bezel: Watertight 5mm

Roku HD 600 (standard)
Roku HD 2000 - networked player (optional)
Integrated PC/Mac (contact for more info)

Touch-screen (standard)

Graphic Panels:
High-res photo printed .020 polystyrene
4-color fade resistant inks
Abrasion resistant pebble-coat laminate

3/4" red oak plywood
Stained or painted
Line-X coating (optional)
Aluminum base-plate (optional)

Twin aluminum tube extrusion
Light-weight 1/4" Alumalite face-panels
Chemically/mechanically bonded connections


Central Chassis (HxWxD) 27" x 17.5" x 3.25"
Base-plate (circumference): 20"
Weight (unpackaged): Approximately 26lbs

All specifications are subject to change without notice